Laser Treatments

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Hair Removal, Pigmentation Rejuvenation

Shaving and tweezing were replaced with waxing, and today, even wax removals have paled before laser hair removal, which is the newest innovative hair removal solution on the block.


  • Between Eyebrows R160
  • Full Eyebrow Shaping R350
  • Forehead R350
  • Cheeks R250
  • Upper Lip R250
  • Chin R300
  • Full Face R1200
  • Neck R400
  • Bikini Sides R600
  • Full Bikini R1000
  • Buttocks R1500
  • Stomach R1000
  • Full Legs (Pair) R3000
  • Half Legs (Pair) R1600
  • ¾ Legs (Pair) R2250
  • Half Legs (Back) R900
  • Half Legs (Front) R900
  • Toes R100
  • Full Arms (Pair) R1800
  • Underarms (Pair) R400
  • ½ Half Arms (Pair) R900
  • Hands (Pair) R280
  • Full Back or Front R3000
  • Half Back or Front R1600
  • Shoulders R300
  • Umbilical Line R300
  • Test Patch R80


  • Between Eyebrows R160
  • Full Eyebrow Shaping R400
  • Forehead R400
  • Cheeks R400
  • Upper Lip R350
  • Chin R350
  • Full Face R1400
  • Beard (Excluding Upper Lip) R700
  • Neck R500
  • Full Bikini R1700
  • Buttocks R1700
  • Full Legs (Pair) R3400
  • Half Legs (Pair) R1700
  • ¾ Legs (Pair) R2550
  • Half Legs (Back) R1000
  • Half Legs (Front) R1000
  • Full Arms (Pair) R2000
  • Underarms (Pair) R600
  • ½ Half Arms (Pair) R1000
  • Hands (Pair) R350
  • Full Back or Front R3400
  • Half Back or Front R1700
  • Shoulders R450
  • Umbilical Line R450

Few Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Treatments

If these advantages are enticing enough to encourage you to try laser hair removal, then your first step is to approach an expert who can guide you. Call Head to Toe, and schedule your consultation to discover how you can go about this treatment.